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How Plants Can Accessorize Your Sunroom

Posted on July 24, 2011 by sunr3121

By Mike Everett

People love sunrooms. It’s a fantastic way to extend your home’s living space. It’s also a great way to enjoy the out of doors without exposure to rain, sun and bugs. You can continue to bring more of the out of doors into your home by adding plants to your sunroom.

Plants add a nice element to any room in your home. They’re calming, beautiful and can help a room feel alive. Adding plants to your sunroom just feels natural. However, you probably don’t want to use the same outdoor planters and delicate indoor vases. Instead, you may want to use a planter that offers both durability and an indoor furniture appeal.

Wicker Planters and Plant Stands

Consider using wicker and rattan planters in your sunroom. Wicker and rattan are both durable. They’re also made from natural elements so they’ll fit nicely in your sunroom. They’ll look decorative without stealing the spotlight from your plants and other decorative accessories. Additionally, Wicker is a natural sunroom material because of its light nature and its ability to stand up to the sun’s rays.

Wicker planters are also versatile. You can buy them in just about any shape, size and color. For example, consider using hanging wicker baskets for the walls in your sunroom. They’ll support annual flowers or year round plants.

Wicker plant stands work quite well along the wall in your sunroom. Some stands support two plants stacked on top of each other. While others are rectangular and support a whole row of your favorite flowers, greenery or ferns. Ferns are actually great sunroom plants because they don’t require much maintenance and they look beautiful year around.

You can also get creative with your wicker planters. For example, a bicycle with wicker baskets at the front and back is a unique decorating item.

The Best Plants for Your Sunroom

When choosing plants for your sunroom consider their exposure. How much sun will they get? Is your sunroom heated in the winter time? Is it air conditioned in the summer time? IF you have a sunroom that has year round temperature control then you can choose to display just about any house plant you desire. Spider plants, the Peace Lily and the Golden Pothos are all very hearty plants that are great for beginners and experts alike. They’re also good for filtering your indoor air.

If you have a sunroom that is warm year around consider palms and bromeliads. Live in a desert area? Consider cactus and succulents.

And of course if you have an indoor/outdoor space you can plant annuals in your sunroom to bring the two spaces together.

Adding plants to your sunroom is simply a matter of examining your space and temperature. Choose the planters that fit the size and shape of your plants and your sunroom design. Consider wicker planters because they’re durable, versatile and add the perfect touch to any sunroom.

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