How My Sunroom Helps Me Beat Seasonal Depression

I Am Setting in my Sunrroom right now. It is 5 above here in Iowa. The Sun is coming in. My Sunroom is a way to beat the winter Blues. Spring Come Soon!

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The sun, coming through my sunroom windows.

Thank goodness for the sun. Almost as magical as watching the snowfall is that of the brilliance, when the sun returns to make driving safe and to brighten spirits that had begun to succumb to the blueness of snow.

My Sunroom is more than a deorative nicety; it is my antidote for seasonal depression.


Research has scientifically affirmed the health benefits of gardening: and with every fiber of my being, I experience those benefits. Yet, what happens during winter–especially during Northern winters, which are both long and brutal?  For me, my sunroom and my activity in my sunroom help fill the void that occurs during winter, when I cannot get outside and garden.

I am an avid gardener.  You might say that I garden with a vengeance–a vengeance against the depression and the blahs that I experience when I am not gardening…

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