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Home Renovations phase 1: the PATIO

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So on a shoestring budget (no money spent at all) I redid our patio. It was pretty laborious and I braved armies of mosquitoes that I thought would never tire of their assaults, but it was totally worth it!

I pulled up all the pavers (ugh) and raked up the gravel and reset the pavers so that they’d be right next to each other instead of having gravel between them. I like the look better–it feels cleaner and more like an outdoor room–and I also like the way it shows off the little stone path that Evan made years ago with quickcrete, my grandma’s rocks, and broken tiles. I made two new thin flower beds to border it in, and even though I lost space by putting the pavers right next to one other, it still feels like it’s about the same size as it was, or even a little bigger. The other cool thing about putting the pavers closer together is that I think it will make for little to no weeding, which is always nice 🙂 I’m looking forward to fall fires, fabulous foods, and fun times around the pit!

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