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The Basics of a Sunroom Addition | Sunrooms Southern New Jersey

The Basics of a Sunroom Addition

Posted on July 26, 2011 by sunr3121

By Yanni Giannaros

If you’re a homeowner going over ideas for a remodeling project, have you ever considered a sunroom addition?

Sunrooms are popular with homeowners for a number of different reasons. Not only do they add a relaxing, welcoming place to entertain guests but sunrooms are popular because they are known as a place where you can relax and spend some letting your body and mind recharge.

Think about this: You could spend a relaxing day in your sunroom, enjoying breakfast while you read a book under the morning sun. You could spend summer days entertaining friends over lunch, or having a relaxing dinner as the sun sets in the background.

Not only that, but your new glass sunroom would allow you to enjoy the outdoors not matter what the weather was like. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys rainstorms, having a sunroom attached to your house would let you sit and enjoy one without getting wet.

The versatility of a sunroom addition is another reason why it’s such a hit with many homeowners starting their own home improvement projects. It can not only be used for entertaining guests and relaxing on your own, but you can use it to exercise, create, play games or do anything else that allows you get away from the hassles of everyday life.

Because sunrooms are glass enclosures, they make use of the sun for both light and heat, leaving little need for the use of electricity during the day. Using materials that are especially energy efficient is a good way to maximize the enjoyment of the new addition to your home while keeping your utility bills down.

With these qualities in mind, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners like having sunrooms as a part of their homes but, like with many other home remodeling projects, there are things to keep in mind when you want to build a sunroom addition.

The one thing you have to consider with a sunroom is the cost, as this addition can be expensive depending on the materials used to build it as well as the labor.

Consider not only the type of sunroom, but the material of the walls and the type of glass used in the build as well.

When talking about specific types of sunrooms, you typically have:

* Screen Sunroom – This is perhaps the most economical type of sunroom that you can buy. The walls are made of mesh to allow air in, but not insects. The main drawback is that it can typically only be used during specific times of the year, particularly spring through fall.

* Seasonal Sunrooms – This type of sunroom addition is also typically meant to be enjoyed from the spring through the fall. Like screen sunrooms, these rooms are economical and not meant to be heated or air conditioned.

* Knee-wall Rooms – These rooms are popular because they are made up of walls that are windowsill height, at which point they continue into large glass windows.

* Conservatories and Solariums – These rooms are among the top tier as far as both cost and luxury are concerned. They are full insulated, built for heating and air conditioning and completely encased in glass. Keep in mind that they often need permits in order to be constructed.

The type of sunrooms mentioned run the gamut as far as build complexity and cost goes, so always consider what you can do within the confines of your budget before you commit to anything.

After all, not only does the style of the sunroom addition factor into the overall cost, but the materials do as well. You have to consider the type of glass, like single glaze vs. double glazed, for instance, when planning your sunroom.

You also have to figure out what kind of walls you want.

Some walls, like those made of aluminum, are strong and inexpensive, but not very good at insulating heat. Wood is another example of a material with both good traits and faults: It’s beautiful to look at, but requires much more attention to maintenance than most other building materials.

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